How can I send cargo From Dubai to Pakistan?
23 Sep

How can I send cargo From Dubai to Pakistan?

Sending cargo from Dubai to Pakistan involves several steps, and you'll need to consider various factors such as the type of cargo, shipping method, and customs requirements. Here's a general overview of the process of how can you send cargo from Dubai to Pakistan.

Determine the Type of Cargo

Identify the type of cargo and quantity of cargo you want to send from Dubai to Pakistan. Cargo can range from personal belongings like Electronics, clothing, and personal items to household goods and furniture for a residential move. to commercial goods like infrastructure, building materials etc. It's essential to work with a reputable logistics company or freight forwarder to assess your cargo's type, quantity, and shipping requirements. Ramas Cargo can provide guidance on the most suitable shipping method, handle documentation, and customs clearance, and ensure the safe and efficient transportation of your cargo from Dubai to Pakistan.

Choose a Shipping Method

Deciding on the most suitable shipping method for your cargo is most important. For cargo shipping from Dubai to Pakistan, there are several methods available to choose from, each has its own advantages and considerations. One common option is shipping by Sea. This method is efficient and suitable for various types of goods. Air freight is another option for shipments that are urgent and tend to be more expensive. The choice of method depends on factors such as the type of cargo, budget, and delivery timeline. It's essential to work with a reputable shipping company that can provide guidance and ensure a smooth and secure transportation process.

  • Air Freight is Fast but expensive. Suitable for small and high-value items and for perishable items.
  • Sea Freight is Cost-effective for larger shipments but is slower. It's the preferred method for bulk cargo and commercial shipments.

Select a Freight Forwarder

In the realm of international trade and logistics, discovering a dependable freight forwarder or shipping company is essential when you seek to transport goods from Dubai to Pakistan. The trusted partners not only facilitate the seamless movement of your cargo but also aid with the whole process. Choose the Reliable Company that has reputable Experience in Sending Cargo from Dubai to Pakistan.


Prepare the necessary documents for sending your cargo from Dubai to Pakistan. These necessary documents include

    • Bill of Lading or Airway Bill
    • Commercial Invoice
    • Packing List
    • Certificate of Origin (if required)
    • Import and export permits (if necessary)
    • Customs declaration forms

Customs Clearance

Ensure that your cargo complies with Pakistan's customs regulations. Work with your freight forwarder to complete the required paperwork and pay any applicable duties and taxes. Rama's Cargo provides Door-to-Door Cargo Service from Dubai to Pakistan and over packages include custom duty and other Taxes for Shipping Cargo.

Packaging and Labeling

Effective packing and labelling procedures are of utmost significance when it comes to the transportation of goods. These measures not only guarantee the safety of your products but also ensure that cargo providers are equipped with precise information about the items, enabling them to handle them with the utmost care. Properly packaging and labelling your cargo is essential to secure its safe delivery and to ensure full compliance with all relevant shipping regulations.

Booking and Shipping

Please collaborate with our selected shipping company to secure cargo space and facilitate the transportation of your goods. They will provide you with detailed instructions and specifications tailored to your chosen shipping method.

Tracking and Monitoring

Effective cargo tracking and monitoring are critical aspects of logistics management. They provide invaluable insights into the real-time status of your shipment, enabling you to maintain visibility and control throughout the transit process. Many reputable shipping companies offer comprehensive tracking services, which empower you to stay informed about your cargo's precise location and its anticipated arrival time. At Ramas Cargo, we offer a user-friendly tracking system, wherein you can simply input your unique tracking number to access comprehensive details pertaining to your shipment.

Customs Clearance in Pakistan

Upon the arrival of your cargo in Pakistan, it will undergo the necessary customs clearance procedures. We take pride in offering a comprehensive solution to streamline this process for you. Our dedicated team ensures that all essential documentation is meticulously submitted, and any applicable customs duties or taxes are promptly settled on your behalf. With Ramas Cargo, we aim to alleviate your concerns regarding paperwork and tax obligations. Simply entrust us with your cargo booking, and rest assured that we will efficiently handle all aspects of the process, delivering your cargo directly to your doorstep, while managing all requisite paperwork seamlessly.


The final step of your cargo's journey involves the crucial step of arranging for its seamless delivery from Dubai to Pakistan. This pivotal stage requires a collaborative effort with your chosen shipping company to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of your goods to their ultimate destination in Pakistan.

Insurance (Optional)

To enhance the security measures safeguarding your cargo, it is advisable to consider procuring cargo insurance coverage. This strategic step aims to provide comprehensive protection for your shipment, mitigating potential risks associated with loss or damage during transit.

Receiving and Unpacking

Upon the arrival of your cargo at its designated destination in Pakistan, it is imperative to conduct a thorough inspection to verify its condition prior to the unpacking process. In the event that your cargo exhibits any damage or loss, we kindly advise you to promptly liaise with your chosen cargo company to initiate the process for compensation. Additionally, if you have taken out insurance coverage for your shipment, we recommend reaching out to your insurance provider to explore the available options for compensation.


Maintaining a close and collaborative relationship with your selected shipping company or freight forwarder is imperative to ensure the seamless and trouble-free transportation of goods from Dubai to Pakistan. Furthermore, it is essential to bear in mind that customs regulations and procedures are subject to change, necessitating the need for consistent verification of the latest requirements from the pertinent authorities. For a hassle-free experience encompassing packing, shipping, and requisite documentation, the prudent choice is to engage the services of a reputable firm such as Ramas Cargo. Ramas Cargo is unwavering in its commitment to safeguarding the secure and reliable delivery of your cargo to its ultimate destination in Pakistan.