Welcome to RAMAS Cargo (Rukan Al Almas Cargo) Door To Door Delivery Service

Ramas Cargo Offers Door to Doot Delivery Services in affordable rate.
We also offer packaging Services, Air cargo transportation, Sea Cargo and Road Transportation.
Ramas Cargo is Trading name for AL ZAINAB FOR CARGO PACKAGING CO. Working Under License No 1234730

Air cargo transportation

We provide tailored Air Freight to our customers through Air Routes.

Sea or Ocean Freight Forwarding

Sea or Ocean Freight is one of the service where we excel the most.

Road Freight Transport

Road Freight Transport is delivered with utmost care and security to your home.

Our Special Cargo Services

All our services are reliable, secure and cost effective. Ramas Cargo Door to Door Delivery is a brand in Cargo delivery.

Packaging And Storage Services

Packing and storing your things effectively and securely to make them safe in storage.


We have our own warehouse where we store your goods securely until shipment.

Cargo Service

Delivery of any freight weather it is Air Cargo Transportation , Sea Cargo or Road Transportation from one place to another is our duty.

Door to Door Delivery Service

Our Door to Door Delivery Service is most popular in all communities with utmost security.

Worldwide Transport

We deliver goods worldwide through various means of transportation.

Road Transport

Road Transportation is provided for shipment from one place to another.

Why Choosing us?

Global supply Chain Solutions

We have Global Reach.

24 Hours - Technical Support

Our Service is 24/7

Mobile Shipment Tracking

We plan to offer Mobile Shipment Tracking in Future.

Careful Handling of Valuable Goods

We have special packaging for valuable goods.